Bruno who worked hard but lost something with aging


Many people who work hard should surely understand Bruno's feelings?


Bruno worked hard. Every day I carry heavy luggage every day, I worked hard to live in a good house, a good dream of Bruno, and to drink delicious sake.


Bruno, if you work hard, the more you earn, the more money you earn, the more you thought your dream will come true.


I was able to work hard while I was young. No matter how much I worked, I could earn a lot of Bruno like a good health child.


The days passed and Bruno grew older. The body that was spectacular started to decline, the waist bent and became sick.


Bruno 's success rule to earn a lot by working a lot ceased to pass.

Let's build your own pipeline

Stock investment will be a big pipeline to become Pablo instead of Bruno. Everyone can get their own pipeline if they are diligent and spared like Pablo. However, it is not possible for anyone to spend all the hard-working and thriving everyday. I think that what is important for investment is "what kind of mind keeps as an investor than investment knowledge".



Early retirement by Buffett system investment
Masaru Komedawara JAPAN

Work-life balance and money-life balance is achieved in the stock dividend.
Happy family in unearned income.