Investment will succeed as you travel

Is it a good trip to investors?

I have been traveling a lot recently as I was able to retire earlier last year. There is a word "movement distance and growth are proportional." Kaedo Koyama who created Kumamon seems to have been traveling well since he was young. Mr. Kozudo Oyama recommends traveling by expressing "I paint myself". Thinking will make a leap as you travel. I will depart from my everyday thinking. When you are having daily life, the flow of thinking changes. It happens, "a phenomenon that is also called a sudden change". If you live as an investor, you tend to be in a situation where you always have investment in one corner of the head for some 24 hours every day. From that state, you can separate your thoughts as you travel.

Various places where the heart moves

Fun places, throbbing places, exciting places, magical places, overwhelming natural places, scary places, delicious places, places where you feel the weight of tradition ...,,,, There are many such places in Japan alone. There are plenty of fun places abroad, but as a Japanese I would like to travel a lot of wonderful places in Japan, alone, with my wife, with children, while enjoying energetic walking.



Early retirement by Buffett system investment

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Work-life balance and money-life balance is achieved in the stock dividend.
Happy family in unearned income.