When I was young I kept index investment without thinking deeply

We have continued to accumulate index investment forever

I've been keeping index investment for over 10 years.

I thought that index investment was one of the most rational investments.

Index investment utilizes the power of compound interest.

If you continue to accumulate for a long time, you can also distribute the time, so you can make it constant even when it is high or cheap.

It is better not to receive dividends.

Every time you get a dividend it will be taxed, the principal will be small and it will become a brakes of asset formation.

Individual stock investment is gambling.

Only the genius of equity investment is the person who succeeds with individual stock investment.

There are few people who profit from individual stock investment.

With individual stock investment, only professional investors who can buy hundreds of stocks can succeed.

I've been thinking like that for a long time and have continued to accumulate index investment.

Until you realize that individual investment investment is beneficial, no matter what you think. . .



Early retirement by Buffett system investment

Masaru Komedawara JAPAN

Work-life balance and money-life balance is achieved in the stock dividend.
Happy family in unearned income.