Stop investing additional investment in stocks and dividends

Stock investment is a rest

Early retirement at the end of last year with dividend income from stock investment, I can now live without having to increase the dividend by investing further than now. There is a way of life to pursue equity investment forever like Buffett, but as a Japanese I am going to walk a little different type of life. I think that the difference between Americans and Japanese besides the difference between individuals and individuals makes a big difference to the fundamental values. What kind of way of life was the way the Japanese ancestors were walking? I am still thinking of history to be sweet, and I would like to continue studying the philosophy of phonetics and life perspective from now on.


Rich people are investing in bonds as well as equity investment

There used to be such a thing to the rich people who are supernatural.

"The real rich lives by investing in bonds rather than living on stock investment, if it is 1 billion yen, if it is 2% yield, 20 million yen, if it is 10 billion yen 200 million yen. If 20 million yen per year is exactly 10 years, 20 years, whatever era, many companies will go bankrupt, even if it becomes a major depression every year certainly is not it safe for you? "

Certainly, I thought it was right. Dividends for stocks may be reduced, and even though decades of consecutive increases, events that have not been in decades of history have occurred one after the other in modern times. And, in fact, it is said that Buffett also accounts for about 20% of the total investment in equity investment.

Let's study bonds right now because of Great Rotation

The era of bonds is over, the era of stock investment and many media started writing. It is worth stopping at such a moment and trying again. Is there no way to go back early retirement life with peace of mind besides equity investment, except for bonds? I am thinking about such a thing.

A road on the back of a person There is a road A mountain of flowers

It is a favorite word.



Early retirement by Buffett system investment

Masaru Komedawara JAPAN

Work-life balance and money-life balance is achieved in the stock dividend.
Happy family in unearned income.