Each investment strategy varies with age, environment and ability

Think about investment and age as an example of Mr. Buffett

 Looking at information on investment books and the net, I feel that there is insufficient information on investment strategies according to age.

Warren Buffet starts stock investment at the age of 11, life = investment. Buffett's way of living is a life that lives with investment, and investment is at the highest level, including involvement with family. Since Buffett's investment technique is a major guideline, I am Buffett-style as a blog title, but life view and job view are different from Buffett. Naturally, Buffett is an American, and I am Japanese, so the fundamentals are quite different. Of course, there is a capability, experience, scale of investment as much as investment in heaven and earth. Buffett is 86 years old now. The age we started investing is 11 years old. I am boasting 75 years of career in investment. A super investor named Warren Buffett was born in the era of the Great Depression, a founder and a grandfather both a successful entrepreneur and a manager, Buffett is a genius brain owner at childhood, and the university goes to Harvard University It is a proud student.


Goals to be aimed depend on the current age, environment and ability

It is difficult to think as an investor, so consider an athlete as an example. When a 10-year-old boy talks about wanting to become a professional baseball player, since there is a tremendous possibility, I definitely will do my best and support you. I talk about not being an active baseball player even in Michael Jordan who was a genius basketball player outstanding in exercise nerves, as long as a 20 year old baseball naïve young person is looking for a professional baseball player from now on. We will encourage reconsideration even on that. When I was young at 30 years old I went to the Koshien baseball but now I am an office worker and baseball is a baseball player when I talked with people wanting to aim at a professional baseball player, I succeeded even in the challenge after 30 years old in major league I will tell you that the players were at the same time and talk about the part of the risk hedge. I ask you if I have a family you are nourishing. If you are a 50-year old who has been playing the grass baseball for a long time and consulted that he would like to become a professional baseball player, what exactly is his dissatisfaction in life, what is feeling it is not enough, to dig down there May be recommended.


What I would like to do when I am 86 years old

Buffett is 86 years old and lives life as an investment center that I love and has positioned as the top of my life. I am also going to be doing the top thing in my life when I am 86 years old. Toward that, I will make a strategy according to my age, environment and ability and act.


It is important for investment strategy planning to grasp my age, environment and ability

How old are you?

What kind of environment are you now?

How much time do you have?

How much risk can you take?

How much can your family cooperate with?

How much other knowledge are of course investment as well as other?

Is there the ability to study?


How much force are there to keep things going?

What do you really want?

What kind of life do you want to send?

What kind of things do you feel happy?



Early retirement by Buffett system investment

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