Buffett will not wait for the crash market crash

Should I refrain from purchasing cards now?

 The momentum of the trump market has continued considerably. A strange thing, listening to the word "highest value ever", many investors become uneasy.

are you okay? Is crash approaching?

A person who has a desire to have bought a stock at the time of the Lehman shock a few years ago may feel stronger that he will buy it at the time of the next collapse. Also, those who were able to buy more at the time of the Lehman shock can not forget the taste of victorious sake, and may want to get the same victory again.

Should I wait for investment till the next crash?

 If I am putting emphasis on stock investment, I will not refrain from purchasing because I am a playing card market. If there is a company that wants to invest, I will make an investment regardless of market trends. Because the market trend is unpredictable, it is likely that long-term growth of a good company can be predicted.

Buffett will not wait

 Buffett's master Benjamin Graham explains very clearly.


There are things to watch out for. Even before the unprecedented bull market that began in 1949, the market cycles of a very wide variety of patterns are repeated, the desirable purchase and sale process of buying cheaply and selling high is complicated, and sometimes its application is impossible There was also a certain aspect. The most striking example was the bull market in the late 1920s, where all the ways were not acceptable. Therefore, it can be said that there was absolutely no certainty that even in 1949, there was even certainty that profits could be raised by placing low-priced buying at the bear market and selling higher at bull market as the center of investment policy. After that, it turned out eventually the reverse was true. Market trends in the past 20 years do not trace the pattern as it used to be, old danger signals once used to be useless, useless, and investors buy cheap and sell high, old roux By obeying Le, it became impossible to make money. We do not know whether old-fashioned bull-bear market prices with some regularity will come back again. However, it seems to be an unrealistic attempt to set aside fundamental principles that investors do not purchase any stock until the traditional, or obvious, bear market comes. The investment policy that we recommend is to keep the ratio of stocks and bonds of the portfolio changed by the intention of the individual depending on the stock price level with the value of the stock as the criterion of judgment.


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