I learned by chance the concept of compound interest. Then began the equity investment in the index investment

At first I only saw index investment

It was at the age of 20 that I made the stock investment for the first time.

By accident knowing the concept of compound interest, as a result of investigating variously on my own, I thought it would be better to periodically continue index investment in shares in order to make use of that power.

Or, honestly I could not understand index investment well.

Somehow, it is advantageous because it is compounded rather than deducting the bank every month.

It was recognition of that much.

About 5 million yen made by saving for about 4 years was the former.

N opening up an account in N securities, paying an incredibly high commission when thinking from now, in confrontation with a securities man with an arrogant attitude that he does not want to oppose a young customer individually, he did not understand and began investing .

After a while, I met a charismatic investment trust.

I felt charisma by charismatic investor S, and also began investing in S fund investment.

I thought that it is the most reasonable investment to continue fund investment until money is needed in the old age, growing big and big by the power of compound interest.

Time dispersion, diversification investment, selecting a brand from a professional point of view, investment in Japan without exchange risk.

I was convinced that an amateur like me like a Japanese investment would be a very good investment law.

It took quite a while for me to realize that the idea was wrong, not profitable, and for me it was not reasonable. . . . . . .



Early retirement by Buffett system investment

Masaru Komedawara JAPAN

Work-life balance and money-life balance is achieved in the stock dividend.
Happy family in unearned income.