My wife makes funded investment every month at Hifumi investment trusts of personal defined contribution pension fund

Hifumi investment trusts up to 60 years old with contribution of defined contribution pension


I think that Hifumi Investment Trust is an excellent investment trust among products that can be currently invested in Japan. My wife is in a personalized defined contribution pension. Funded investment can be made up to 60 years old with a maximum of about 60,000 yen a month. Individual stock investment can not be done with a personalized defined contribution pension. Options are investment trust-related products such as index investment funds. We pick up items on your own and will accumulate a flat monthly fee. The maximum amount per capita has been decided and can not be withdrawn until the age of 60, but there is a tax deduction even if the reserve amount is also paid in the future.


Charisma president of Hifumi investment trust fund, Hideto Fujino

I think that it is the royal road of the defined contribution pension to disperse in the index of the world, but since our house mainly conducts individual stock investment, we can also deposit the money of the defined contribution pension in our index I think that it will not be studying. Funded by Hifumi Investment Trust led by Mr. Hideto Fujino, I learned from the concept and results of fund managers of Hifumi Investment Trust funds to find out the future of Japanese companies, and they are also used for the individual stock investment that I am doing mainly. I also have expectations and hopes in the future of Japan like Mr. Fujino. I would like to invest in companies that support the future of Japan and support them.

Investment philosophy of Ms. Hidefumi Fujino (to invest in owner president)

If readers' wishes can live 100 years now, what would you want to do? Traveling around the world? Immerse in the world of hobbies? If you say you live 100 years, it will be magnificent and not realistic. I think that it is a good way to derive the real intention in myself by daring on a long time axis to really think about what I want to do. I would like to make Japanese consciousness that consciousness that it is wonderful not to be clean but to challenge and invest. I think it is 100 projects.

So, what would you want to do if you could live 10 years? The moment when 100 years becomes ten years, the sense of reality suddenly increases. If life is only ten years, I will concentrate on what I want to do. Is it work or is it my family? My hobby? Is there something I want to see or want to eat? Then, what would you want to do if your life was one year? From 10 years to 1 year, you have to cut it further. If I can not do next year, I will try to enjoy the winter season. Then, what if life is one more day? This is very heavy. I had thought that "If tomorrow is the end of the world, what would you do?" At that time, the conclusion was "I would like to have the last meal at my favorite soba shop." When telling that fact to the shopkeeper of that soba store, there is a memory that I was strangely convinced that it is said, "We will eat at a customer, then family, so we close the shop." If only one day has no life, you would want to spend time with important people. So who is that person? Actually, this is raising a problem within the brand video "your TIME" of the Ryukyus Bank. I think that there are so many awareness, so please take a look. What if life is only 100 years? Or if life is the rest day? Considering the long goal and the short goal respectively, I can see my honest feelings. It is difficult to face yourself. At that time, putting the concept of "time" in face-to-face, you can see your true intention. If life is one more day, what do you want to do? That may be what you should do now.


Reason for investing in owner management


I always think that time is the most important resource in investing when I work on investment. Professionally it is called "time horizon". In short, it is an investment period. This also changes the way of thinking and strategy completely depending on whether the investment period is 100 years, 10 years, 1 year, 1 day or not. Whether the company A is selling or buying also changes according to the setting of the investment period. Investment "I'd like to make a return by tomorrow" is close to speculation, and it is highly gambling. It is because it is strongly influenced by stock market fluctuation factors rather than company A's value. Investment in that case will strengthen the element of market reading tomorrow. On the other hand, considering it in units of 10 years, it is more decisive whether the value of the company A will rise than the market variable. In other words, the influence of the performance of individual companies is higher than the influence of the Nikkei index and TSE stock index. That means there is more customer support, it is more important to find a company that raises sales and profits.

The stock price can be expressed by multiplying the earnings per share and the price-earnings ratio. Stock price = earnings per share (EPS) × price-earnings ratio (PER) The impact of the market is reflected in the PER, but the performance is expressed in EPS. There are about 8 to 90% of enterprises within PER of about 10 to 30 PER. And since the unit is said to be doubled, it becomes a figure of 10 to 30 times. For example, if the EPS is 100 yen, the stock price often falls within the range of 1,000 yen of 100 × 10 to 3,000 yen of 100 × 30. If EPS is 100 yen and grows at an annual rate of around 15%, EPS will be 400 yen in 10 years. If, in that case as well, PER is evaluated between 10 and 30 times, the stock price should be between 4,000 and 12,000 yen. Looking at this, even if we invested at 3,000 yen ten years ago at a high price, even if the evaluation is as low as PER 10 times after 10 years, since the performance has changed significantly, the price is 4000 yen, A return of 33% can be raised in 10 years. Conversely, if you invested at 1000 yen, you can enjoy a return of 12 times if you can sell at 12,000 yen. What is important here is the growth power of EPS. To the last, if we can find a company that will increase the performance by about 15% per annum, such a return is expected, and in fact it is not easy to find a company that will grow at an annual rate of 15%. Nonetheless, it is far easier to find a growing company than to predict a casual market trend. Long-term investment is a very good investment, not because long-term operations themselves guarantee return, but if you invest in the long-term time axis, the growth in corporate performance and the return on investment will be proportional. It depends on growing over the long term and finding a reliable company and investing.

So what is the important viewpoint to invest in companies that can grow over the long term? That is that entrepreneurs and managers are committed to management with a long-term perspective. To that end, the time axis in management is not about 2 to 4 years, but the range of about 10 years is necessary. Owner managers are most likely to continue to operate businesses for more than 10 years as a Japanese business progresses to salaried workers. Therefore, inevitably the long term perspective will increase the investment ratio to the owner manager.

There is such a background that "Hifumi investment trust" that I am operating has a high ratio of owner management.

I thought it was in 2017, two-twelve more pass. One year has passed quickly while thinking about how to spend this year. I am thinking about simultaneously treating one day a day and living in a long-term perspective of 10 years and 100 years. Now, 10 months remaining this year. Let's spend this time carefully. In the case of

(Fujino Hideto)


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