The feeling of happiness of life changes with the triangle relation of time, money, health

Triangular relationship of time, money, health

A person told me this when I was in my twenties. It was an impressive word that still remains in my mind.

"There are three elements in life: time, money, health.Time to 30s have time and health, but there is no money.In the 40s ~ 50s, income increases and money and health Although there is time, it will run out of time.If you are in your 60s or later, there is money and time, but my health is gone.Is living together with time, money and health is happy for me. "

Certainly it is difficult to exceed annual income of 10 million yen if you are an office worker normally until your 30s, but players will play Bang Bang. In middle-aged times, depending on the position at the company, some people will exceed the annual income of 10 million yen. However, in general, it is a middle management position or the president who entrepreneurs are starting to work furiously, and there is little room to play. There are many cases where madness occurs in plans to play freely by myself, wife, or parents becoming sick, if you go back to retirement and then play around.

 Let's always keep balance of the three

Time · money · health. I think that it is very important to keep thinking about how to balance these three. If two are satisfactory, even if the remaining one is missing somehow it is likely to spend someday thinking. Thinking as if you plan to have three in "this year" or "next year", your life design, as well as what you want to do now may change a lot.


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